Joseph Osuagwu, MD

Dr. Osuagwu graduated from University of Nigeria Medical School.
He did his pediatric residency at Howard University Hospital in Washington D.C..
Upon completion, he worked for several years at Union Memorial Hospital in Baltimore.
He is the founder and medical director of Goodtime Pediatrics.
He is a dedicated, caring and compassionate pediatrician.

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Patient Reviews

He's patient, Swift and Efficient..
- Erin

Just one word - Awesome!!!
- The N

I have been with him for ten years and his services are excellent. He takes time to know your child and listen to you. He always returns my calls when i have any questions. I trust him because he has been practicing for a long time and the whole time I have been with him I had no problems with any treatment for my children. I would definitely recommend him.
- Deborah K

Dr. Jo became my son Xavier's pediatrician when he was less than 24 hours old at Union Memorial and remained so until he turned 18. He was one of Dr. Osuaguw's firs patients at Goodtime Pediatrics and we loved him greatly. He is the best of the best!
- Tonya G

I would love to meet him
- joseph o

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